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You can create a Language Club at your school.

A language club is a group of students and teachers that want to learn the same language. 

They begin learning the lessons of this language at this web. 

Two language clubs from different countries can be twinned together. They help each other to learn more and better. 


Example: Language Clubs at the IES Pedra da Auga Secondary School, Galice (Spain)

Voluntary students made three groups: Europe, Asia and Africa

Each group chose a language from the corresponding continent, among the following ones (for which there were lessons at Inertnet):

For Europe: German, Russian, Modern Greek - They chose Modern Greek (Ellenika)

For Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Turkish - They chose Japanese (Ni Hon Go)

For Africa: Arabic, Wolof (Senegal), Swahili (Eastern Africa)  -  They chose Wolof



The students worked the lessons in group, with a teacher that learned with them, out of school hours.


Here are some of the activities they made:


Club of Ellenika

Lesson 1: Presentation and displacement


Club of Ni Hon Go


 Lesson 1: Presentation and displacement      in the classroom      outdoors

 Lesson 2: Buying and selling

Club of Wolof

Lesson 1: Presentation and displacement

Questions in Spanish and Wolof to students in Senegal


Interaction among languages:

In this experience, students from the NiHon Go Club try to understand students from the Wolof Club. The understanding is possible thanks to the common learning tool they used at the lessons: the international signs.

Japanese - Senegalese conversations



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